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When the rigors of today's multi-use sports applications

challenge the design and construction of the perimeter fence...

PHenCourt SAGA (PHC) provides the solution

A Heavy duty resistance welded mesh fencing system designed to meet the rigorous constraints of a ball court perimeter.

Available in a range of heights to suit the particular sport and games application for which it is specified, steel materials are available galvanised only or galvanised and polyester powder coat finished to a range of standard colours

Outward opening single and double leaf gates compliment the systems and allow safe passage to persons, vehicles and machinery using the facility.

Optional kickboards fitted to the base of the post and mesh fencing enhance ball rebound and protect the sports surface against ingress of earth / litter from the surrounding landscape



• Strong & Stable


• Multi Use Sports and Games Applications


• Goal Recess and Storage Bay Options


• Wide Range of Heights


• Basketball / Goal Combination Units


• Excellent Ball Rebound Characteristics


• Complimentary Gates


• Competitively Priced


• Rebound Mesh Option (first 1200mm)



System Construction: Bay are constructed from twin wire heavy duty mesh, 6mm vertical wire and twin 8mm horizontal wires. Differing fence heights can be achieved using lifts of standard height panels mounted to box section posts. A full height clamp bar system or U bolt system is used to locate panels against the posts. Vandal resistant fastenings provide for sound deadening as well as security. Kick boards and rebound boards can be incorporated into the system specific to games requirements. Gates are manufactured from matching mesh and open out unless otherwise specified. These maybe full height or have a lintel panel above.

• Optional Polyester Powder Coat Finish

• Double Lift Bays with connectors

• Mesh to full height

• Excellent Rebound Facility


• Mesh Joined on Post with Full height Clampbar

• Tamper resistant Fixings every 400mm

• No Sharp Elements Presented to Playing Area


• Optional Post Lugs for Kick Board Attachment

• Kickboard Fitted from Outside

• Mesh Full Height to Ground

• All Steel Materials Galvanised Before Optional Powder Coat Finish



• U Bolt Option Enhances Ball Rebound Consistancy

• Cost Effective Solution

• Flush Finish to Play Area