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PHairWay (PHW)

The PHairWay ball catcher system is a stand alone (no back stays required) fence of heights between 6.0m and 10m physical fence height (out of ground).


The system consists of parallel steel posts (76mm – 194mm dia. dependent on height) that are hot dip galvanised after fabrication with a colour coat option.


Multi-strand steel cables protect and hold the netting in place with a catenary designed suspension system complimented by an intermediary double line wire system which locates the netting whilst still allowing a degree of bellowing for both ball catching and wind tolerance.


Additional mesh for security can in many cases be installed in conjunction with the PHairWay posts or can be incorporated as a complimentary independent system.


Polyurethane netting (eg; 24mm x 24mm – Golf) is suspended from the system from posts at centres which take account of the physical fence height, geographical location for ice loading and wind speeds.


The central “flapper” wires are attached to lugs cut to and welded to suit the post diameter. Each lug comprises a four-point attachment enabling shackles and tensioners to be located into the fenceline.


End posts are connected to ground cast retention plinths by steel cables and heavy duty anchors which are tensioned to pull the system into alignment. Facility is provided for adjustment when the system has been installed and at periodic maintenance visits as and when required.


Most systems are necessarily bespoke as wind speeds and ice-loadings need to be accounted for at each geographical site location. The calculations thereby undertaken will affect the post centres and post geometry. A specification can be established to give a trouble-free catcher system that will meet the constraints of both the sporting application and the prevailing climatic conditions.